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In my opinion, the only real advantages Ren'Py has over ONScripter are the fact that it is designed with an English-speaking target audience in mind, and that the Lemmasoft forums are a good resource for English assistance. Otherwise--and I say this with no malice intended--Ren'Py is more of a hobbyist engine to ONScripter's adaptation of a tried and true commercial platform. I'm not sure how you could discount these forums as a resource for ONScripter support seeing as how this collective community is essentially THE current hub of English ONScripter activity. I mean, let's not forget insani's translated command reference. And as far as sample demo novels go, isn't the extensive library of both trial editions (look to these for those fancier effects) and doujin titles hosted on insani's site example enough? And that's not even taking into account all of the Japanese releases that, while the game text may not be in English, still provide easily accessable examples of various engine features.

Also, there was one quote that caught my eye:
Although ONScripter can play AVI video as well as MPEG, ReníPy supports more image effects and dating-sim style features. Given that AVI to MPEG conversion is always an option, the win goes to ReníPy.
I really think this is a flawed way of looking at it. Ren'Py gets the win because it supports, through third party conversion (incidentally, have you ever been through the purgatory that is converting AVI to MPEG files?) the same thing that ONScripter does natively? That seems like a less than fair comparison.

Again, I'm not trying to sound like a troll, I just think there's a problem with trying to compare the two engines considering their vastly different origins and target audience, as well as a slight review bias--however unintentional--that shows a much lesser degree of familiarity with the possibilities and applications of (O)Nscripter than Ren'Py. Just some constructive criticism.
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