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the delay is because they wish not to be left behind by the western game industry in regards to 3D. In the case of eroge, they are going to fire the artiest and instead hire a photographer to take pictures of 3D modules in cosplay (they will be very very VERY heavily photoshopped). This way they will add 3D support to the eroge as well as add some protecting to themselves (the label "all girls are over 18" will have more weight).

P.S. the above is the failed attempt at a joke, for those who still want to know why was the title delayed, the real reason is: They are going to add KINECT support to the title so that the erogamer might have *cough* better *cough* interaction *cough* with the heroine during the ero scenes. The support was planned earlier, but Microsoft haven't added the required support required by the eroge developers. The KINECT need to be able to realize that the erogamer is naked, and recognized the condition of the erogamer's... err... manhood(?). Until such time that Microsoft add this support to the KINECT, no otaku is going to ask a miko to bless the device and pray to its success.

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