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Originally Posted by Stranger View Post
ADV Court Documents Reveal Amounts Paid for 29 Anime Titles

the article include some figures showing how much was paid to license those animes.
Air: The Movie + Air TV Series = US$ 165,000
Pumpkin Scissors: US$ 780,000
The forum discussion also has some interesting comments:
Originally Posted by Prede
I saw these documents a few days ago and commented on them. I do think this post is leaving a few important details out however. Like:

*ADV had 3 Sojitz employees working in their office as part of the ARMS deal.
*ADV claims they were working in the best interest of Sojitz, not ADV
*ADV claims ARMS overpaid for these licences (on purpose)
*ADV claims they lost control of the company to these executives from Sojitz
*ADV claims Sojitz failed to pay millions of dollars to the Japanese licensers

Might want to add this to the news article, if you find it relevant.

My exact post:

ADV had at least 3 Sojitz employees working in their office. One was appointed to Chief Strategic Officer of ADV ( Mizushima), Hada assumed the role of CFO, and Ueda assumed the role of business analyst for ADV. ADV claimed "By virtue of the actions of these Defendants, as employees of Sojitz, Sojitz effectively assumed control of ADV, including its day to day operations...Sojitz/JCI/ARM employees analyzed, solicited and substantially directed acquisition of ARM Titles from within ADV while at the same time, under the guise of ARM. Sojitz/JCI/ARM employees approved those acquisitions and the purchase prices of each. Higher purchase prices and a higher ARM balance necessarily increased facility servicing fees ARM charged to ADV and, by extension, the potential profit of ARM under the Agreement and leverage of Sojitz/JCI/ARM over ADV. Despite Sojitz/JCI/ARM 's declaration of ADV's default of the Agreement, Sojitz/JCI/ARM has failed to pay millions of dollars of outstanding balance they agreed to pay to content owners under many of the license agreements as inducement for those content owners entering into agreements with ARM and ADV."

It also says
*Sojitz tried to make a deal with another company when they didn't get paid, they took the lead, and would not let ADV have any say.
*Sojitz made ADV sign off on term-sheets, while stating Sojitz had control over any of these deals being made
*Sojitz made threats saying it would withdraw it's support for ADV if ADV did not agree to the deals Sojitz wanted.
*At the same time ADV was negotiating loan payments with a bank
*The deals "went away and were not consummated"
*ADV could not make the payments to the bank, notified Sojitz of this

(My Opinion on this) ADV is claiming Sojitz got into this all just to make a quick profit. They did everything they could, including overpaying for titles in order to squeeze every penny they could out of ADV. By overpaying and licensing a lot they were able to charge ADV fees, in addition to geting a large library of shows to then sell.
Let's blame fansubs again.
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