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Hey, you don't have to get unpleasant with me, I was just honestly curious :P. Besides, did I ever say I was pirating the games myself? My friend's getting hold of it for me, might he not be buying it for me? It's just always made me curious since there'll be all these files in any kind of thing that I assume the pictures are, and they never seem -so- big compared to the overall space that these things take up... like when you install Kanon onto the HD, besides what's on the CD (or was it another game I was thinking of...) it installs like 200mb along with it, and it's like, what is that? Like with some other games it's installing levels or as I said before, voices and stuff, but when it's just a game like Kanon, I was wondering just exactly was there... it doesn't especially -matter- to me, I wouldn't care if I eventually installed Air and it took up the rest of my hard drive, I'd just be happy to play the game I've always seen referred to as pretty much Key's other masterpiece. I couldn't see something like that as "nothing special".