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Just got it. :3

Best looking boxset I now own... High quality materials: even the book and blu-ray cover is made out of some material that won't leave fingerprints (not velvet... ummm what is it called...).
I accidently brushed the plastic sticky cover wrapping against the artwork on the front of the box (oh crap!), but even though it was well stuck to the artwork; I pulled it off and .... not even the slightest damage. (whew!)

As for the video quality... I only previewed Thanatos (the oldest); and it looked good to me. Obviously better than DVD quality (judging from scenes with great detail and sharpness).
When I paused it and approached the TV I could see the poor filtered quality of the characters and non-background content...

But, since I don't notice it on the 53" HDTV while playing (I was however using the 120Hz feature; TV smooths out motion, but shouldn't affect low-motion scenes) I'm perfectly happy with the purchase :D And assuming it only gets better quality in the later episodes then I have no complaints at this time.

Oh, well there is one thing :/ Apparently my amplifier isn't up to blu-ray audio specs :/ So I can't listen to it in 5.1 properly... yet...
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