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Exclamation Daylight -Asa ni Hikari no Kan wo- Translation Project

Title: Daylight - 朝に光の冠を
Genre: Shounen-Ai, Mystery
Developer: Senz
Language: Japanese
Year: 2008
Plot: The protagonist of the story, Luca, moves at the begining of the new semester from a private room to a double room. His new roommate is peculiar and gloomy senior, and he starts to arise his classmates' curiosities. After that, he has been nominated for the Morning Messenger at the school festival, which will take place 2 months later. It is an important role, which has to do with the mysterious ceremony. Not only he has to deal with this role, he also has to solve seven mysteries of the Academy, which will lead him to the secret of the "Legend".

Progress: 0/158

Translator: ?
Does someone want to translate this game from japanese to english?
There are 158 scripts (about 1,87 МБ). I have its.

Sent me PM or write here, if you want to be translator of this game.
I sent you one script for test your work, i don't think that it is scary for the true translator=)

I'll help with hacking, puting text to the game and editing status of project. I'm administer and translator of the russian site of translation yaoi games, so i have some experience in this work.

P.S. I'm from another country so sorry for my english.
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