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only caught the end of the stream, but apparently VisualArts isn't interested in the western market.

Also, confirmation that another Nitro+ title will be announced at or before AX.!/jastusa/status/72823663564570624

Jingai Makyou hinted at.!/jastusa/status/72594030013329408 But it would need a new engine, I'm guessing the US one they created isn't compatible?

The future release apparently isn't Steins;Gate.!/jastusa/status/72498551682383872

President will be out before AX.!/jastusa/status/72823297926103040

Guessing the future release will either be Jingai Makyou cause of the above hint, or something that's already been/currently is fan translated (Saya, Dra+Koi, Chaos;Head, Sumaga)

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