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Originally Posted by swiftnissity View Post
"There's an issue with displaying character names in the backlog that ALcot is currently fixing. Once that's done we'll announce!"
JASTs recent update on My Girlfriend Is the President.
To elaborate on the bug (it's been there since the fan translation started, but was never solved during fan translation because nobody really cares about backlog names); all dialogue in Osadai has speaker tags, even though you don't see any; they appear only in the backlog.
However, for some reason, they seem to be linked to the voice files or something. Once you modify the names in the speaker tags, the voices stop playing.

It doesn't sound like something that should be too difficult to solve, though.

EDIT: Looks like it's more complicated than I thought. Although the problem itself is easily solved, the solution brings a much bigger problem with it. Yeah, that's definitely a though one to solve.

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