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About that last point; I think the majority of the community will agree when I say the following:

A. Visual novels may have stemmed from dating sims, but they're a *mostly* different animal now.

B. Dating sims and sex romps are for kicks and fapping. Not much more than that. Sure, either type can be fun, but story is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more important. In some horrid, messed up, alternative universe in which we had to pick between Cocktail Soft and Liar-soft, I pray to whom it may concern that we'd pick Liar-soft. >_> (Okay there was an element of subjectivity in that sentence, but I think my idea is clear) I'm also plenty aware that some dating sims have good stories... but I'd really categorize them as visual novels, as the word dating sim seems to have a dubious connotation. In my eyes, dating sim usually=/=good story.

C. No one really cares that much about dating sims. Yes, this is kind of a reiteration of my previous point, but here's a different way to look at it: No one wants to translate hours and hours of generic* romance/sex and the demand for it isn't too great either. Once again, kicks and fapping.

*In your earlier point you mentioned that depth of plot is unnecessary for a good eroge, so I'm under the impression you were referring to eroge that excelled in other departments aside from story... in which case I sort of agree with you, but once again, kicks and fapping. Oh and hopefully by "deep" you didn't mean 'DEEP' because its certainly possible to make a good story without making it 'DEEP.'

Oh and about "love stories": I think "good love story" goes hand in hand with "good story", so uhhhh, I don't quite see your point there.

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