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Agi, on the other hand, is a bit naive - anybody can fabricate those permission e-mails with a blink of an eye, though I understand Agi's intentions and appreciate what he's trying to put up.
Sure, and when the stakes are high enough I fully expect forgeries to come in. But security is about incremental costs to maintain vs incremental costs to defeat the security.

It costs me relatively little effort to email a project (given that I know their project page) to ask "So, XYZ has said that they have permission to translate your game, is this true? Please respond so XYZ can be placed on the site quickly."

Sure, if someone cared enough they could get around that process, and it'd take significant amounts of effort to do so. But for most things, that alone would get rid of most basic attempts at forgery.

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I'm pretty sure they'll be focusing on the doujin/freeware side of things. The whole point of the project is to facilitate on-going communication between translators and creators (basically, the same sort of thing insani, Haeleth, and Agilis have done for the past four years but with more of an open community emphasis). Obviously, that form of collaboration can't happen without actual permission, so it's pointless to fabricate an e-mail.
Pretty much yes, p-p derives from my experiences in the past few years. Creators are amenable to translations being done, translators, if given the opportunity and support, are willing to do projects. All that's missing is matching the pool of projects with a pool of talented translators. And that's what I want to build.
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