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2010.08.08. We apologize once again for the extended delay. We are still in the middle of negotiations.

However, we can tell you these:

- Swells is canceled. We can't reveal what it really was, but it wasn't a minori title.
- All fansubbed work, including ef and Wind -a breath of heart- , has been discontinued.
- The old web site in its no-frills "blog" format will no longer exist.

Thank you for your understanding. We appreciate your patience.

I'm really interested that eden* wasn't mentioned there. The fact that they mentioned "Swells" (which we apparently now know to be being canceled but not eden* makes me think that either their current negotiations with minori are about localizing eden*, not ef or any other title. OR maybe they are still trolling by either a) fan-translating eden* even after all this drama, or b) leaving eden* out of their list in order to troll people like me into thinking they are still doing something with it.