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Default Project t0rama

Yup, I've gone and found myself a new project, and this time I'm going to take as many people I can along for the ride!

Coinciding with the launch of the main site too. Hopefully it'll provide a good working example of the site so other projects can pick it up.

On top of just translating Kisaragi no Hougyoku (details on the blog post), I'm also going out on a limb here and inviting anyone who thinks they can translate to join. I've said many times that I don't like working with people I don't know, but the problem is, I'll never know any new people otherwise. So throwing that out the window, just about anyone can join!

Experience is not required. I've got a few experienced VN translators on board already, and we're all going to help each other out, with mentoring as needed. All you need is the ability to understand Japanese, and be able to write decent English, the team will make you feel at home.

Don't have time? That's fine, the script was cut up into bite-sized chunks (about a day or so of work each). You're not committing to a 6 month project. So long as you can work on a script, and later check someone else's script (just like they'll check yours) then you're welcome to join us.

The goal is to get something usable in 1-2 months time. Success is measured on two metrics:
1) Did the participants meet some new translators?
2) Did we learn something about our work and how to do our work?
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