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Originally Posted by Edger View Post
The problem with just translating from the script for me is that I tend to want to actually experience the story myself with the voice, CG, and all that as it helps in translating somewhat if you know the mood.
Translating while referencing against the voice acting can be very important, for example, the text says one thing normally, but the voice clip places emphasis around certain words. Ideally, you'd want to work in some kind of that emphasis, either in time, so that it's in about the same local (towards the front, middle, end etc), or with wording to highlight what's being emphasized. Is this required? Probably not. It's not even possible sometimes without looking stupid, but, for what it's worth, it's nice.

Maybe it's because I tend to have a good memory for audio, that I can hold an image of the scene in my head while working from the script, even if I don't remember the exact details.

Either way, I'm just saying that there's a significant difference between translating something you've read through, and something you're doing cold.
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