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Well, considering your engine hacking skills, it's unavoidable (I'm just a translation-only blockhead too) but if you plan on going all the way with the project, I'd highly recommend that you find someone to help you with script dumps. (you'll need the other tools as well, eventually, but script takes longest to translate anyways while they work on other things).

The problem with translating via playing is that you're never quite sure if you caught everything, especially if there's lots of branches, hidden flags, and god knows what. This is fine if you're doing some kind of translation guide, synopsis, or whatever. But for a full patch, you're going to go utterly insane remembering what block of text correlates to what piece of script later on.

There's a number of people who do amazing things with reverse engineering around, so asking for them directly for the tools you need instead of a vague 'can someone help me make a patch" will be more effective. Come to think Canvas2 is from a company that's popular enough that some tools probably exist...

Oh, and probably it'd be better if you decided to fully commit to this project after you've cleared the game. Assuming you don't wind up disliking 70% of the game (there are plenty of games where I like 1-2 heroines, out of 5), it's good for you anyways. At the least, knowledge of how the whole story unfolds is a BIG help in how you'll choose your words and style all along the script. You can't foreshadow what you don't see coming, can't use a consistent line for a recurring phrase, etc.

You can take notes and stuff along the way, but spending too much effort on every line will probably be counter-productive since you'll come back and cross out a much of it when you know the whole story more.
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