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Originally Posted by Billhead
I'm not going to guess if this is a scam or not, but this sort of stood out to me, altough it could be perfectly honest
The story is consistent. BobDaDuck and Rio Nishida are roommates at Spencerian College in Lexington, Kentucky. The former is majoring in computer engineering, the latter in graphic design, and they're apparently trying to set up a web business based on these skills. That would explain why they're sharing a "work" email address, among other things. Then there's a medical crisis involving BobDaDuck's girlfriend, which would explain why they're soliciting work and donations in this way.

It just seems like it would be disproportionate effort to set up multiple identities and numerous fake websites (right down to a shoutcast of anime soundtracks), just to try to scam forums like this. It's nothing like the usual driveby spambots who post a few links to phishing sites and move on. So Occam's razor is in favour of this being honest.

I guess anyone who is tempted to donate could always try contacting the college to confirm the students' identities (their real names are on their websites).

Originally Posted by rodan
It would be more convincing if the "certain surgery" was named, I guess.
Although, of course, a sufficiently smart scammer would have done enough research to be able to name a plausible operation if pressed. And conversely there are plenty of reasons why an honest man might not know any more details than BobDaDuck gives, in the circumstances.

Yup, l|ammamama's right... it's too, too easy to be suspicious. :(

So I guess I'll leave it to individuals to make up their own minds. After all, anyone who's in a position to donate should be mature enough to judge for themselves whether it's the right thing for them to do.
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