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Default Kazoku Keikaku Patch


I've written/am writing a Kazoku Keikaku patch to remove the additional, much raged about, censorship added in the recent JAST release. You can probably find the current version if you google "family project decensor patch" or something similar.

At the moment I have replaced all the altered images with the japanese originals and edited the script to reflect this (although the replacement lines are a little awkward as I put them in more for testing than good literature).

So far the main response I've had is that I should work to put shopped de-mosaiced pictures in instead of the japanese originals. This forum had some very useful threads so I figured I'd post here to see if anyone could give me any pointers. I've been debugging the executable to try and find the gg*->png code with the hopes of reversing it, but I think I'm doing something foolish.

Also if anyone wants to propose lines that need changing ("over 9000" perhaps?) or a suggested replacement phrasing, that's easy to do. It also saves me the job of figuring out how to replace lines like "something known as panties" in a way that doesn't make me sound like a grade schooler.

Furthermore, if anyone wants to make changes on their own or help I can provide everything I have so far on request.
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