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Default Re: Ori, Ochi, Onoe released.

Originally Posted by Haeleth
From the screenshots, it looks nice and polished, and there are some intriguing comments in the discussion thread that hint at a number of unusual design elements.
I think that this is the most polished OEL game we've released to date. There are a few other contenders (Go! Magical Boy's seamless soundtrack comes to mind, and a number of other games have reasonable art), but I think this one takes the cake.

One thing I'm observing is that the OEL development community is starting to reach a critical mass, as we're now able to attract artists who want to work on a VN (as opposed to game-makers who happen to be artists). I wonder if al|together and some of the translations have helped to improve awareness of VNs as a medium in the English-speaking world.

Certainly, people seem to be more aware of ONscripter then Ren'Py.
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