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Default "Kanon is great, murmured John." Query for transla

From my experience with Japanese prose, in Japanese, the topic title would be something like:


It'd be 2 sentences in Japanese. When you across something like that in Japaanese, do you turn it into the English style:
"Kanon is great, murmured John."

Or leave it the Japanese way?
Kanon is great.
John murmured.

Ok, maybe that's not the best example, but surely you visual novel translators get the idea?
Here are cases where I've come across this and I left it the Japanese style.

“What are you doing? You’re not at peace.”

Sitting next to him, Luca’s mother said that in a quiet tone. Her words may have been harsh, but she said it in a really soothing voice.
“I’m Anabelle. Nice to meet you.”

As she said that, she quickly held out her hand.
“No~! I want to be together with mother!”

As Luca said that, a sharp pain rushed across his cheek. The mark left by the pain gradually grew hotter. His mother slapped him. She held on tightly to Luca’s shoulders and looked quietly into his eyes. His face looked incredibly serious, but beautiful at the same time.
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