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Not one of the best ever but as far as VNs that have been licensed here it is very very high on my list of favorites. It has a very enjoyable story dealing a lot with the flaws of the characters while not being a constant assault of downers, not knowing enough japanese to play the original I don't know the extent of the jokes that weren't meant to be left in but it is quite common to change jokes between Japanese and English as they often just wont work in English. As far as the 3 edits to mitsuri they are minor and they saved her story which is more important.

If you judge slow by "more sex less story" this isn't for you though. Finding it hard to be mean to imouto types I have only gotten Mitsuri's path (despite her not being a fav of mine). Knowing what they took out I can say the only sex in that route was right at the beginning of the game with someone else and at the end so its not a which girl will I screw this game day type VN.

I am more of a story type so having liked parts of Wind and finding other parts slow and hard to get through without skipping text I can say I have not felt any of the latter effect yet and am actually not using the "skip previously read text" on my second play though. #3+ may require it for the beginning though.
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