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Default Someday Soon: Honey Coming

I am Minimoto from Someday Soon: We are a random group of soup... meaning we make AMVs, have some manga scanlations, and now starting visual novel translations. We aren't big so most people haven't heard of us but whatever.

Current Project:
Honey Coming, Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru
-Currently working on Yuma route. Will finish god knows when.

Future Projects:
If this goes over well then I'll most likely do the other Honey Coming franchise as well.

-Translator (Minimoto)
-Editor (Minimoto) (Ardour)
-Hacker Minagi (Nagato)
SomedaySoon Blog
Honey Coming Prologue Patch!!!

Well... I'll update this thread when I remember too. We do have screenshots now and I do know how to input text, thanks to Minagi teaching me and holding my hand all the way; I felt so stupid!
Also, this may or may not happen but I was thinking of releasing a patch of sorts that introduces most of the characters, it's all of the stuff until the first choice, so basically the prologue and quite bit more.


Now remember, these are my guesstimates, I'm not entirely sure so don't hold me to it. Also, the order is in which I captured the girls so basically... it's from my type downwards. It'll probably go as Yuma, Clarissa, Asahi, Marino, Mio.

Prologue: 100%

Common: 12.5%
Asahi Kamij┼Ź: 0%
Clarissa Satsuki Maezono: 0%
Mio Ogata: 0%
Yuma Shichiri: 0%
Marino Tagaya: 0%

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Screenshot 3

As of December 25 2009, the teaser patch up to the prologue has been released. Enjoy!

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