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Originally Posted by rodan
Any possible projects for those of us with second grader Japanese skills?
That depends what you mean by "second grader"! If you can find an example of the sort of text that will stretch you without being impossible, then we may be able to find a game that uses language at a similar level. Or one that's short enough that the difficulty level is less critical. ;)

For example, how would you have got on with something like かわいそうな小鳥 (which Ed tackled last year)?

Originally Posted by procyon
Indeed. I can't translate, but also would like to help out in some way.
There are plenty of other skills that are just as essential in small projects as in large ones: editing, testing, programming, graphics adaptation, and the list goes on. So there should be plenty of scope for people to participate whose talents lie in areas other than translation.

Perhaps I should create an area for people to discuss possible partnerships?

Originally Posted by Billhead
About the announcement on the main page, man, you need to rethink your priorities.
I mean, Makoto before Nayuki?
Toothache before appendicitis. :P