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Default Idea Factory posts "otome games in English" poll

News from My Neoromance's home page: "Idea Factory Japan are looking at launching their games in English, before they could launch it, they would like to know the market demand and what we, [sic] would like in an English otome game. So if you would like to participate, please help with the survey on [the My Neoromance] forum."

Some of Idea Factory's strategy RPG games have been localized by NIS America, O3 Ent, and Atlus. It's not clear if the company might consider translating one or more of its otome games through one of these companies, or whether it is contemplating other options.

Idea Factory has also created several boy x girl(s) ren'ai games on consoles. A list of the company's titles can be found on GameFAQs: (Strangely, it has no English Wikipedia entry.)

The questions in the two-part survey include:

- "Which IF title would you most want to see an English version of?" [These include original and licensed games.]
- "Which [console] format would you prefer?"
- "Would you buy an Otome game based on a shojo manga you liked?"

There is also a question on whether fans would prefer a visual novel, a game with complex gameplay, or something in between.

I'm curious as to what might result from this. Might there be one or more romantic games in English on home consoles in the future? Could the company possibly profit from selling text-heavy, cute games on consoles? Would the company risk publishing on a system which caters to mainstream gamers?
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