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Personally, I'm interested in whether people who played the games Narci1->Narci2 see things differently than people who go Narci2->Narci1, but that's just me. My viewpoint is irreversibly tainted with directionality already, but in my eyes, Narci2 adds warmth and light to the world of Narci1 if played 1->2, and 2->1 might feel like the world had chilled with the passing of time.

Kataoka himself has stated (as his personal opinion) in the endnotes that he recommends Narci2->Narci1.

Either way, we've taken extra care to make both stories mesh closely with each other, keeping as many parallels that existed in the originals in the translation. So whatever direction you pick, you won't have a jarring sense that "this was translated first, not knowing the existence of the other one"
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