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Default Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~


<a href="">Tomoyo After
~It's a Wonderful Life~</a>

<span title="Let us go searching for those treasured things in life">「人生の宝物を探しにいこう━━」</a>


- Release date: 2005
- Designation: 18+
- No word on whether it'll have voice, though given that this is Key, probably not.

- Contrary to speculation, Key hasn't picked up either Goto-P or CO2A.
- The art will be done by Fumio, best known for his work on Sorauta and the new Pia Carrot game.
- Scenario-wise, it'll be Maeda Jun (who wrote the original Tomoyo scenario) and Kashida Leo, a new name.
- As usual, music will be handled by Orito Shinji, Togoshi Magome and Maeda Jun.

Loosely speaking, the story revolves around Tomoya and Tomoyo's life in the summer vacation after the events in Clannad, together with her half-sister, brother, and his ex-girlfriend.

It's got Maeda's favourite 'family' theme written all over it, but I don't think we'll be seeing anything along the lines of the stories in Clannad. It seems this really will be little more than a fan disc.