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Originally Posted by F.I.A
Merging two sites seems to be a good idea. More neighbours to commute with. It will take some time to adapt, but I guess that is not any big ordeal.
VN unfortunately doesnt really have a community or active forum, so there really isnt any new neighbours to deal with par se, so I dont think there will be any problems "adapting". I'll try my best though to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Originally Posted by guest
But... this board has such a relaxing and homely colour scheme compared to visual news. Any chance of fixing that, Mizu? =P
Yeah yeah... I realize VN is stupidly ugly... actually more like stupidly boring, changes are coming though and hopefully ppl will like the new layout a bit better ^^.

Oh, and it probably doesnt need to be said, but I'll be checking this thread pretty frequently to answer any questions also, so feel free to direct any towards me.