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Thank you again Kingshriek for the advice,
thanks to your instructions, decreasing music volume was pretty easy and straightforward.

Although I did have to fiddle a bit with the files to enable looping again after decreasing volume, thanks to the other post you made on tokugawa forums it was pretty easy too.

Since I only needed to do it for 22050 version, I didn't even need to use a different exe. Just slightly modify your python file to work with 22050 sampling and that was it. (thanks for making that place very obvious :)

After experimenting for a bit, the most comfortable music volume for me was 30% from the original. That way both the voices are clear and the background music is audible, but stays in the background.

If anyone else wants to have the same music files to enjoy the voices without background music interfering too much, here are my files:

(links removed)

it contains music.arc and SFX directory.
I decided to reduce game sounds volume as well, so that they would fit the music after volume decreasing.
Just overwrite the files in the game directory and you should be set. (You might wanna backup them first).

I will see if I can do something about 44100 vesrion of the music files. As I understand the main problem is to go through them all manually. Anyway, I need to get PC98 version music first...
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