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Default Hadaka Shitsuji

So Hadaka Shitsuji ( came out after 3 years in production, theirs a few people on Aarinfantasy who're interested in translating it so could someone help by creating tools? :)

Files are in .dat

Included is the games .exe file and 2 of the .dat files
Crass is able to extract everything else (images, voices, ect) bar these 2 files so I'm assuming the script is contained within one of them.


Just ran Crass again to check:
Hadaka Shitsuji is using '666-SYSTEM'. In the Setup.log file this is also mentioned as '666-SYTEMMUTEX', I'm assuming its a misspelling and should say SYSTEM.

Edit again:
Was provided with tools. Project started and help isn't required at the moment.

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