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Default Kanon/Clannad patches

I was thinking of buying Kanon and/or Clannad in the near future but only know enough Japanese to make it through the menus. I know that both of them are at "translation complete" and have patches which are currently available in beta version (and have had leaked patches in the past.) The notes on what is included in the patches are fairly vague, so it seems like the only real way to figure out what they are at is to play them.

So I guess my question is, has anybody out there played the latest patches and can give me an idea of how complete they are? I know they're very unpolished but I can live with that so long as most of the text is there and it isn't completely broken.

Anyway, just curious to hear, or if you think I am just jumping the gun in general.

(ps. for reference on Kanon I am referring to the teaser/vanilla patches, on clannad the patch on SVN.)
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