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I just finished the game 100% this morning, so I'll offer my comments on each of the questions asked. I hopefully won't start a run-on stream of thought like Satoru, but I'll try to be as thorough as I can. Naturally, there'll be some spillover between questions.


It's a pity that the game basically ends itself at the eleventh hour. I'm somewhat amused that the game uses a Deus Ex Machina of its own while lampshading that such a plot device is poor storytelling. The majority of the game felt like an improvement upon Ever 17 to me, but the lack of closure and the sheer number of plotholes prevents me from saying the final product was better than its predecessor (though, to be fair, the Deus Ex Machina in Remember 11 was far more plausible than its Ever 17 counterpart). I think the experience was otherwise worth it, even if I'm walking away without much of a sense of closure.

Edit: Come to think of it, was the name of Tsugumi's friend in Ever 17 given? I'm thinking there might be a link to her in Remember 11, but it might just be my imagination...
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