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Originally Posted by Donut... Do you even see the UT 2k4 Custom model of Calamity angel!? :P I think yes, because you
Cyborg_alberto: We want bigger pics on that angel :D
Do you have some Idea of what you say!?

I've used THIS => => Calamity angel image because the another image is VERY BIG! 640X480 pixels!!!

But If you wanna see...

It's here, enjoy! :P
Calamity Angel, the Model of the week!
A great Unreal Tournament 2004 custom (Fan) model for you!
If you wanna see/download some skins and models of Unreal Tournament games (99/2k3/2k4; Nothing about the 2k7 T_T),
go to http:\\ now and see the Skin City main page!

But I DON'T wanna know if the page never more opens! :P

Form left ro right, from up to down:
1° Calamity angel model in the character selection, I think...
2° The angel got the Minigun! (If it's a minigun I don't know, For me it appears a gattling gun!
3° Oh man! The angel gets a Rocket Launcer!!!
4° and 5° The angel got the Link gun (Plasma rifle, the substitute of UT's Pulse gun)
6° Take this, baby! I'm your angel of death! :P
(I mean: Rocket launcer again!)
A little detail: She won't open the eyes, don't wait for such moment!
(It means: She kills everyone with closed eyes. It's a Calamity Angel! :P)

I think It's time to make Kanon/AIR models for all the unreal Tournaments!
Or better, a MOD with kanon/AIR characters and elements!
ex: Misuzu's Juice instead health vial; Mai's sword instead Impact Hammer (Nobody can touch in the UT Chainsaw!); Michiru relic instead Strengt relic; Ice or heavenly (Unholy too :P) weapons; Miracle relic instead Redemption Relic...
... and All the Kanon/AIR characters ready for use in the tournament! a Kanon/AIR DeathMatch! :P

see ya!
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