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Originally Posted by Strum View Post
I started playing visual novels since the days of Runaway City, Three Sister Story and Seasons of Sakura the DOS version and not the memorial collection era. I myself am not aware of any hype from any of those games till fans decided to work on it. Then again, I suppose you could say I had my head in the sand for the past 10+ years.
Going down the tlwiki list (because I have the site open atm),
F/HA: sequel to one of the best selling vn's ever.
Katahane: Blogs (for me anyway)
Killer Queen: Think someone posted about this after they released the demo of their PS2 port 2 years ago.
Lamia: Hype due to a comic strip series, oddness of concept. Translation project followed.
Little Busters: Key game hype
Never7: Hype due to Ever17 popularity
Osadai: Went viral after the trailer was released - got a translator even before it came out
Princess Maker 5: Princess Maker series hype
Seinarukana: Anime-adaption-of-prequel hype
Sumaga: 2ch-liked-this-so-we-must-have-it-too hype
Yu-no: Wasn't there when the hype started; can't really say.

The other two I don't know anything about, but yes, fan translators mostly work on what the fans have been asking for. Our tastes are still the same. I don't know why you perceive a line between them in that matter.
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