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There aren't "masses" in the first place. Anime is a niche, and visual novels are a niche within that niche.
Masses are relative to the size of the visual novel community. I obviously don't mean the whole global population as a whole.

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Mean no offense, but how long have you been a fan? A lot of projects are started due to fan hype (more of half of tlwiki's active projects list). As far as I remember, the only current fan-anticipated VN I didn't see mentioned around the boards (before its project started) is Yu-no.
I started playing visual novels since the days of Runaway City, Three Sister Story and Seasons of Sakura the DOS version and not the memorial collection era. I myself am not aware of any hype from any of those games till fans decided to work on it. Then again, I suppose you could say I had my head in the sand for the past 10+ years.
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