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As far as the higurashi music goes, I may be able to shed some light.
Whether or not I am allowed to do so is another story, but hey, I'm not a lawyer, and frankly, I don't care.

So anyway.
When I purchased the Higurashi license for the french market, the author made it clear that I had to make a deal about the music on my own if I didn't want the nice package his partners had made out for me (which is probably what MG got). Which meant getting into contact with *all* artists who have given music towards the making of that game, and settling off royalties with them (provided they wanted royalties, of course).

As far as the first few arcs were concerned, I had to get in touch with only 6 partners, 2 of which were clearly stating that anybody could use their material freely.
2 of them I had to contact through 07th Expansion themselves, which took some time as they were dealing with buckets of real life issues at the time.
2 of them I could contact on my own and strike a deal with, but the situation was rather tight.

As for the latter arcs, I still need to contact 5 artists from 18 originally.

I think that, in the case of Manga Gamer, the whole "no solid copies" aspect made it very difficult to set numbers for the licensing. Plus, how do you check and double check the numbers ? Etc. So I guess in their case, they got some stock music from somebody else who was ok with these kind of conditions.

Believe me, striking a deal with a doujin circle is no easy thing. I mean, I can't really talk, because I've actually achieved it, but I know I must have upset a number of people in Japan in doing so and I will have a lot of explaining to do next year...

So anyway. I have mixed feelings about the MG release. I *know* it's going to be not as good as I want it, but I also know that the people involved poured a lot of work into it.