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Ganryuu 2006-05-17 06:09

Narcissu sequel - Narcissu #side 02nd?
I heard a sequel (or prequel, maybe) to Narcissu is currently in production by stage-nana, entitled Narcissu #side 02nd? Any information on this?

- Ganryuu

emperor 2006-05-17 08:10 has the great information that it's currently in production. And it's a prequel, and deals with Setsumi. That are all information that are public, so probably all they want you to know.

Billhead 2006-05-17 12:30

There is a little more information about it in the Narcissu thread.

Carl 2006-05-17 14:33

Kataoka-san should be spending his time finishing off Scarlett, not making doujinsofts with his buddies. :p

Asmadi 2006-05-17 17:26

But it's done... :(

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