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KoiNoDensetsu 2009-08-12 18:28

Trouble installing the Kanon PS2 voice patch
I'm trying to install the PS2 voice patch for Kanon. However, I'm having trouble since the patch is in Japanese. When I try to give the patch the path for either the Kanon or voice data, I get a message in Japanese that it doesn't see the file that is needed. I'm not sure how to install the voice patch on Kanon or if I am even giving it the right files. Could someone please explain to me what to do or at least which files I should be giving the patch?

Asceai 2009-08-12 18:35

if you can't read japanese why don't you use Kanon's translation instead?

KoiNoDensetsu 2009-08-12 18:57

I did... I'm trying to install the voice patch. The PS2 voice patch instructions are in Japanese.

Edit: Finally got it working after tons of trouble. Thanks you everyone for your help... -_-

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