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embl3m 2007-02-14 17:39

Planning to translate Demonbane
I'm thinking of translating "Kishin Hishou Demonbane" (sequel of the first Demonbane game) first since the story is linear and shorter than the first game but I don't know how to modify the script files and put them back to the game. My knowledge in japanese is limited but I have a friend who can help me translate the game and such. Can anyone help me on this? Thanks in advance...

Unregistered 2007-02-14 17:49

What a oincidence.

[01:23]                     Imagine.
[01:23]  A night filled with the cries of the insects and the howling of the wind.
[01:23]  Darkness illuminated by naught but lamplight.
[01:23]  The scent of the ages drifting from ancient books adorning the shelves.
[01:23]  Let us speak of cities.
[01:23]  The city of illusions, London.
[01:23]  Lurking mist. Wavering shadows. Drifting dreams.
[01:23]  The city of malice, Shanghai.
[01:23]  Hodgepodge of cultures. Hodgepodge of darkness. Hodgepodge of the grotesque yet fantastic.
[01:23]  The imperial city, Tokyo.
[01:23]  Falling petals. Shimmering moonlight. Dancing mysteries.
[01:23]  And finally.
[01:23]  The city at the forefront of magical theory.
[01:23]  The chaotic city of pulp fiction at its golden age and dark age and age of turmoil, all at the same time.
[01:24]                     The bewitching city of Arkham.
[01:25]  Miskatonic University's secret library.
[01:25]  Should you choose to peruse its history, you would find a long record of conflict between would-be readers and its managers over its countless books of forbidden knowledge.
[01:25]  Some of said conflicts may very well include struggles for the fate of this very world.
[01:25]  The incident he knows of is probably one of them.
[01:25]  He is Miskatonic University's chief librarian, Henry Armitage.
[01:25]  Gazing into the lonely shadows of this empty library, he recalls that this is...
[01:25] "...just like that night,
[01:25]  on the third of August."

Unregistered 2007-02-14 17:50



Message 2007-02-14 23:23

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rednaxela 2007-02-17 23:54

To get the script out from the game, you can simply use ready-made tools such as ExtractData,
Use it to open script.pak, and you'll find lots of plain-text files in some sort of markup languange. Edit the contents under tags, and remove the tags 'coz you won't need ruby in English.
If you see something like:

(this is not from Demonbane, though. it's from gekkou)
Think twice before you edit the "class" name, else you might have to do a lot of extra editing.

To pack things back, you'll need (someone) to write another program to do so. I don't know any ready-made tools to do that for you, but the task won't be hard.

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