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2006-12-28 17:01

ExtractData Tool
結羽 has released ExtractData 0.80 a few days ago.

Aurora Wall (Click on 'Tools' / ツール in the link menu)

Here is a list of supported archive formats:

・Clover Heart's *.arc (抽出のみ)
・Triptych体験版 *.arc (抽出のみ)

・月は東に日は西に *.nsa
・夜明け前より瑠璃色な *.arc

・チュートリアルサマー *.arc (TS.exeがarcと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)
・ひだまり *.arc (HIDAMARI.exeがarcと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)
・キミの声がきこえる *.arc (KIMIKOE.exeがarcと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)

・D.C. *.CRX
・最終試験くじら ~Conservative~ *.pak

・カラフル アクアリウム *.pack

[Innocent Grey]
・カルタグラ *.dat
・PP -ピアニッシモ- 操リ人形ノ輪舞 *.dat

・とらいあんぐるハート1・2・3 *.px

・ToHeart2 XRATED *.pak

・はるのあしおと *.paz (haruoto.exeがpazと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)
・さくらのさくころ *.paz (haruotoFD.exeがpazと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)
・ef - First Fan Disc *.paz (ef_ffd.exeがpazと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)
・ef - the first tale. 体験版 *.paz (ef_trial.exeがpazと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)
・ef - the first tale. *.paz (ef_first.exeがpazと同フォルダにないと開けない仕様)

・SHUFFLE! *.pac (抽出のみ)

・斬魔大聖デモンベイン *.pak
・沙耶の唄 *.pak
・塵骸魔京 *.pak
・機神飛翔デモンベイン *.pak
・天使ノ二挺拳銃 *.npp

・SummerDays *.rio, P1_DATAなどの拡張子がないファイル

・シンシア *.arc

[Studio e.go!]
・IZUMO完全版 *.dat
・IZUMO2 *.dat

・Fate/stay night *.xp3 (Fate.exeがxp3と同フォルダにないと復号できない仕様)
・Fate/hollow ataraxia video.xp3

・ときどきパクッちゃお! *.xp3 (TokiPaku.eXeがxp3と同フォルダにないと復号できない仕様)
・シスみこ *.xp3 (SisuMiko.exeがxp3と同フォルダにないと復号できない仕様)
・ひめしょ! *.xp3 (himesyo.exeがxp3と同フォルダにないと復号できない仕様)

・いな☆こい!~お稲荷さまとモテモテのたたり~ *.ypf

・永遠のアセリア *.gd
・永遠のアセリア EXPANSION *.gd
・スピたん *.aif, b0*, bm0000, bv00**, c0*, f0*, IGNR****, k000*


・BALDR FORCE EXE *.pac (ボイスやSEは音声フォーマットが不明のため未対応)

・がくと! *.ypf
・おたく☆まっしぐら *.ypf

・LOST CHILD *.epk (抽出のみ。data.e01~data.e03についてはdata.epkオープン時に自動的に開く)

・銀色完全版 *.nsa
・みずいろ *.nsa
・朱 *.nsa
・ねこねこファンディスク2 *.nsa
・BALDR NEKO FORCE *.pac (ボイスやSEは音声フォーマットが不明のため未対応)
・ぷちファンディスクみたいなの *.arc
・Scarlett *.arc

・よつのはDVD版 *.xp3 (xp3をよつのは-DVDフォルダに入れてないと復号できない仕様)
・幼なじみとの暮らし方 *.xp3

・パティシエなにゃんこ *.dat
・プリンセスうぃっちぃず *.dat
・プリズムアーク *.dat (battle.datは未対応。レベル4のEPAは未対応)

・はちゅかの *.xp3 (hachukano.exeがxp3と同フォルダにないと復号できない仕様)

・ぶらばん! *.xp3 (ぶらばん!.exeがxp3と同フォルダにないと復号できない仕様)

・MELTY BLOOD data**.p (抽出のみ)
Yours truly hasn't tested the software yet, but this looks interesting because it is open-source, GPL'd free software.
Wow, eufonie's already in that list.
And damn, the [spoiler] wrapper is not implemented here.

Misu 2006-12-28 17:14

Thats really an impressive list =o....
Yeah... I need to get around to implementing spoiler bb-code

Unregistered 2007-09-25 14:45

Any english GUIDE?

2007-10-17 09:58

Where's the sources? :(

2007-10-17 17:25

add _src before the .7z extension

2007-10-17 19:24


Originally Posted by Rasqual Twilight (Post 30982)
add _src before the .7z extension

Thank you! ^_________________^

2007-10-18 02:14

Don't suppose there's anyway to make this nifty little tool work with Comic Party? (It uses .pak files to hold .grp, .msk, .c16, and .dat files.)

Asceai 2007-10-18 02:37

speaking of Comic Party I have actually looked at those files you sent me. the c16 is easy, it contains a palette in a reasonably simple way (the first word is the number of cols, each dword after that represents a col, stored IRGB, where I is the index). The .grp and .msk files are compressed, and I haven't worked out exactly how yet (though they probably use the same format).

2007-10-21 10:10

Well, if you are willing to write a patch and send it to the author, I suppose he/she would take a look at it, since support for the Majiro file formats is a derivative work of code written by the ex-Boss.
Now if you don't feel confident about writing code, maybe specs will do... I don't really know.

RT not logged in 2007-12-29 12:49

ExtractData 1.08 was released about two weeks ago.
It fixes a bug while extracting "kimi no koe ga kikoeru", a freeze bug and a minor bug in image output. Magus Tale is now supported.

1.08 [2007/12/13]

2008-03-01 03:02

Once again, a bit late, but 結羽 released version 1.10 a week ago.
It contains a few more supported formats and an important bugfix nwatowav when used with Little Busters!.


1.10 [2008/02/24]

1.09 [2008/01/24]
・Wind -a breath of heart- Re:gratitudeに対応。
・ef - Second Fan Mixに対応。

Asceai 2008-03-01 03:52

Ooh, Bittersweet Fools.

.. except I already wrote an unpacker/repacker for that! Drat~ =p

2008-03-27 13:07

2 weeks late~

1.11 [2008/03/16]
・AR ~忘れられた夏~に対応。
Now you can have fun with poker games.

Asceai 2008-03-27 14:20

I'm still waiting for my touka gettan unpacker~

Yeah, I could write it myself, but where's the fun in that? =p

Unregistered 2008-03-30 07:42

ExtractData 1.11 [2008/03/16, 221KB]

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