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Darksshades 2009-04-30 13:22

[NNL] Ef - Chapter 1 BGM missing
Hi... Does anyone have bgm in the standalone ef nnl released?

The bgm file (bgm.paz) is there, but for some reason in the game and even in the title screen it doesnt play.

The wierd is... when i go to system and click the test button for the bgm, it actually plays once and then stop.

I was waiting for the B build since they said the music was going to be
resampled... just to check if the A build actually have music or not.

Moogy 2009-05-07 13:51

Build A has music, yes.

We've not encountered this issue previously. Could you give me the filesize and CRC/md5 of your bgm.paz?

Also, the first three to five minutes of the game do not have music playing during them. Nor does the title screen. Please make sure your issue actually exists.

Darksshades 2009-05-15 14:36

... Sorry for the delay, I had to download it again...

You were right about the BGM.... it was really there after several minutes of gameplay...
When i thought the music was missing I just skipped and gave up in the part it shows the sunset on the rooftop.

My fault... Sorry for the problem ^^' \o

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