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ChocoEd 2008-12-03 20:02

al|together 2008 Extended Phase
We hope you've enjoyed the pieces presented during al|together 2008, and on behalf of all of the authors and translators in this festival, we'd like to thank you for lending your eyes and ears to the work of our hands for a little while.

"That looks fun... I bet I could do that too..."

Now opens the al|together Extended Phase, where we invite you to participate by presenting a game translation of your own. The site lays out a few ground-rules to ensure that everyone remains true to the principles of this festival: free translations undertaken with the blessing of the authors, and peer review to ensure the best quality we can collectively bring to bear.

Even if your talents don't lie in translation, there's always plenty to be done in technical assistance, graphics editing, release engineering, and quality control, so don't be discouraged from offering your help to others who may have the perfect complement to your skills.

Thank you once again, and good luck!

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