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JRaiKetchum 2007-03-03 10:57

If anyone is paying attention to Anime News Network's new "Guess the Geneon License 2" contest, the two clues they've given point to Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. "It's based on a PC game" and "Summer '83, it wasn't quite summer of '69, but for some, it was still the most memorable summer of their short lives."

So it looks like Keiichi and company are making the trip across the ocean. ... Pray Haruhi and the ASOS Brigade doesn't find out about this XD

Ja, ne

Misu 2007-03-03 11:18

Geneon was the primary sponsor of Higurashi in Japan. Makes no surprise to me if thats the license =D.

AstCd2 2007-03-07 01:58

EDIT: From around 8:57 PM to 9:36 PM today, it was possible to see a BS-i TV series page entitled 'Clannad'.

2007-03-07 03:59

That's some awesome news. I really do hope to see a confirmation of this.

2007-03-07 06:00

My god. Don't tell me Kyoto Animation is already on that! :o

pb186 2007-03-07 06:49

it would give them an excuse to delay any further haruhi suzumiya episodes they might have been planning. Regardless this is good news.

2007-03-07 07:02


zalas 2007-03-07 10:34

Either someone messed up and spilled the beans, or this is an early April Fool's joke from the people over at BS-i XD;

Oh, and looks like Clannad movie got moved to 2007 fall.

Nanatuha 2007-03-07 15:57

A Polyphonica web comic.

Lantis 2007-03-07 17:06

Taken from a December blog entry (so it's not really recent info) but since I haven't seen this being posted here, here you go

Agilis 2007-03-07 18:27

Wheee fandisc time! Since it's Age, we all knew it had to be coming sooner or later...

And now. for the usual interminable wait......

luckyovermind 2007-03-07 20:37


Unregistered 2007-03-20 14:29

((( ;゚Д゚))

Misu 2007-03-20 14:42


Originally Posted by Unregistered (Post 20750)


Yoshi00 2007-03-20 14:43

I would have never imagined natsume rin as a cat freak! HAhahahaha!

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