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freejerry 2012-07-14 13:39

Who can help me recompile the file of rldev
I want to ask
"In rldev,is the file '' source of CPXXX.dat?"
( is source of CP936.dat)<-IS TRUE??
If it is true,
I was fix the file ""
In the file I replace CP936 table by CP950.
But when I compile the source.
I always got errors.
Just like:

$ omake
*** omake: reading OMakefiles
*** omake: finished reading OMakefiles (0.1 sec)
- build common avlTree.cmi
+ ocamlfind ocamlc -package "extlib,camlp4,bigarray" -warn-error Asxyz -cc cl /nologo -g -I . -c avlTree.mli
ocamlc.opt: don't know what to do with /nologo.
Usage: ocamlc
Options are:
  -a  Build a library
  -annot  Save information in .annot
  -c  Compile only (do not link)
  -cc   Use as the C compiler and linker
  -cclib   Pass option to the C linker
  -ccopt   Pass option to the C compiler and linker
  -config  Print configuration values and exit
  -custom  Link in custom mode
  -dllib   Use the dynamically-loaded library
  Add to the run-time search path for shared libraries
  -dtypes  (deprecated) same as -annot
  -for-pack   Ignored (for compatibility with ocamlopt)
  -g  Save debugging information
  -i  Print inferred interface
  Add to the list of include directories
  -impl   Compile as a .ml file
  -intf   Compile as a .mli file
  -intf-suffix   Suffix for interface files (default: .mli)
  -intf_suffix   (deprecated) same as -intf-suffix
  -labels  Use commuting label mode
  -linkall  Link all modules, even unused ones
  -make-runtime  Build a runtime system with given C objects and libraries
  -make_runtime  (deprecated) same as -make-runtime
  -modern  (deprecated) same as -labels
  -no-app-funct  Deactivate applicative functors
  -noassert  Do not compile assertion checks
  -noautolink  Do not automatically link C libraries specified in .cma files
  -nolabels  Ignore non-optional labels in types
  -nostdlib  Do not add default directory to the list of include directories
  -o   Set output file name to
  -output-obj  Output a C object file instead of an executable
  -pack  Package the given .cmo files into one .cmo
  -pp   Pipe sources through preprocessor
  -principal  Check principality of type inference
  -rectypes  Allow arbitrary recursive types
  -strict-sequence  Left-hand part of a sequence must have type unit
  -thread  Generate code that supports the system threads library
  -unsafe  Do not compile bounds checking on array and string access
  -use-runtime   Generate bytecode for the given runtime system
  -use_runtime   (deprecated) same as -use-runtime
  -v  Print compiler version and location of standard library and exit
  -version  Print version and exit
  -vnum  Print version number and exit
  -verbose  Print calls to external commands
  -vmthread  Generate code that supports the threads library with VM-level
  -w   Enable or disable warnings according to :
        +  enable warnings in
        -  disable warnings in
        @  enable warnings in and treat them as errors
    can be:
                    a single warning number
        ..    a range of consecutive warning numbers
                  a predefined set
    default setting is "+a-4-6-7-9-27..29"
  -warn-error   Enable or disable error status for warnings according
    to .  See option -w for the syntax of .
    Default setting is "-a"
  -warn-help  Show description of warning numbers
  -where  Print location of standard library and exit
  -nopervasives  (undocumented)
  -use-prims   (undocumented)
  -dparsetree  (undocumented)
  -drawlambda  (undocumented)
  -dlambda  (undocumented)
  -dinstr  (undocumented)
  -   Treat as a file name (even if it starts with `-')
  -help  Display this list of options
  --help  Display this list of options
*** omake: 40/63 targets are up to date
*** omake: failed (2.0 sec, 9/9 scans, 1/5 rules, 1/81 digests)
*** omake: targets were not rebuilt because of errors:
      depends on: common\avlTree.mli

Is my compile environment wrong?
Or someone could help me compiler the file?
If you could help me.
Just reply this thread.
I will give you my code!

My configure message:

$ ./configure
Checking for Objective Caml >= 3.09... 3.09.3
Checking for native compiler... found
Checking compiler type... Cygwin
Checking for findlib... 1.3.3
Checking for omake... Fatal error: exception Sys_error("Invalid argument")
Checking for extlib >= 1.4... 1.5.2
Checking for ulex >= 0.3... 1.1
Checking for xml-light >= 2.1... not found
Checking for xml-light... not found
Unable to use xml-light; Vaconv and RlXML will not be built. See INSTALL for details.
Checking for hevea >= 1.08... not found
The `omake dochtml' option will be disabled.
Checking for pdflatex... not found
The `omake docpdf' option will be disabled.
Writing common/config.cfg...
Finished configuring RLdev.

-- Configuration summary --
Programs: kprl, rlc
Compiler: native code
Manuals: none

Now run `omake' and then `omake install' to build and install the package.

Sorry my bad English...

RazoR 2013-04-17 13:52

I know it's a bit late to write that but if you're still here or want to run RLDev, you can download compiled Cygwin binaries from Haeleth's website :)

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