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SOren 2013-06-23 19:28

I had a weird bug here.Whenever I reset my pc the game "reset" in a way.Basically I had to do Feena's route every time I reset my pc in order to do the others even though I had already done it before.

First time I played I was done with Feena, then moved on to Natsuki.In the Beach Scene, I saved just when the choice pops up and watched the scene with Natsuki and then turned off my pc, forgetting to save then.

After I turned on my pc again, from that very same save, now it showed the scene with feena, so even if you play on a save from before the route gets decided, you'll still have to go through feena's route.

I could play through Natsuki's route normally though after I was already in the middle of her route and reset my pc.

However as you can imagine, I had to do feena's route once again after I was done with Natsuki's.

Kovanca 2013-06-24 13:04
The follow->following day,

Unregistered 2013-06-24 14:00
"Around the time everyone was almost finished eating," -> "Around the time everyone has almost finished eating,"
"Is your mother in the Royal Palace still?" -> "Is your mother still in the Royal Palace?"
"I turn off the light to my room and throw myself on the bed." -> "I turn off the light in my room and throw myself on the bed."
"I was able to understand the feelings of my mother and my wet nursing." -> "I was able to understand the feelings of my mother and my wet nurse."
(But I'm 100% not sure)

Thanks for your hard work :)

Kovanca 2013-06-24 15:01
"Oh well, did Mai go home already"

I think the quotation marks are wrong in that line.

2013-06-24 20:12

Thanks for the continued reports, I fixed almost all of them.


Originally Posted by Kovanca (Post 70751)
Should I put these kind of typo in the same post(using edit) or different posts for each one?

If the last post in the topic belongs to you, you may edit it instead of posting another one. Just don't go too far back editing your older posts, otherwise I might miss your edits.


Originally Posted by SOren (Post 70753)
I had a weird bug here.Whenever I reset my pc the game "reset" in a way. (...)

That's weird. Has anyone else encountered a similar issue? Is your installation different in any way? Does your computer do anything unusual before or after it resets? Your overall progress is automatically saved to BGI.gdb in the game directory, maybe that file gets corrupted or overwritten somehow.

Kovanca 2013-06-25 03:37
Nee-san was there when I rush to door->rush(ed?) to the door.
As I thought, Bull' s-eye ->Bull's eye(Bull's-eye)
W-Will you tell Onee-chan->san too?
She tosses the fried egg->omelet(I don't think its a typo, because one of the translations can be fried egg, but the screen is showing a Japanese omelet).
I can't even openly hold her hold->hand
I want to embrace her whenever I want to (,)like normal lovers( English isn't my first language so I might be wrong, but I think there should be a comma before "like").
Mai's face is right in right->front of mine.
Don't you want to become happy with Mai->Mai-chan Tatsu?
"Please don't angry-> be angry at Mai," he said( I totally don't understand that line, the one who was being an a-hole to Sayaka was Tatsuya, if something Mai defused a very bad situation ~shrugs~).
It looks like I'll be little busier -> a little busier
There was also an orthodox egg, cucumber, and ham sandwich in between French bread and rye bread.

I don't think there is something wrong in these lines, but when you read it the way its written it looks like she put one of those in the sandwich and I was thinking to myself "Damn Mia, you are scary" :).

Maybe it would be better to put sandwich in the beginning,like this:
There was also an orthodox sandwich with egg, cucumber, and ham in between French bread and rye bread.

PS:Sorry if it seems weird what I have written,as I said English isn't my first language.
P...Please give me some think to about it...! -> P...Please give me some time to think about it...!
I don't know what you should do. -> I don't know what (to do)should I do.
PS:I'm not sure about this one, it just looked strange when I read it.
I can almost imagine(smoke?) coming out of her head.
It's her role to set her retainer's path straight,->It'd her role as a retainer to set you in the straight path.

PS:This one is other I'm not sure,the retainer part seems wrong.

Check the folder of the game and see if its read only(although I doubt its the case...but still worth a look).

Unregistered 2013-07-01 12:54

I didn't do the picture thing, but it's Mia's path

"Clara-san, who was the spitting image of Mia, asked me to take care of Mia with a smile." -> "Clara-san, who was the splitting image of Mia, asked me to take care of Mia with a smile.

2013-07-02 23:59

Hey, thanks. Not posting an image is okay as long as you type down the error as it is. In any case, I just hit Ctrl+F in my text editor and search all the script files to find the occurrence.

As far as I know, "spitting" and "splitting" are both widely used and neither is considered a typo. In fact, it's possible that the use of "spitting" predates "splitting".[1][2]

Pirkaf 2013-07-22 10:33

"Skip" function is skipping all text, even if the option for read text only is checked. I wonder if that's because I'm using a prepatched version.

Unregistered 2013-10-21 00:59
Bad sentence on 7月05日

Unregistered 2014-01-05 22:08

After the prologue, when the protag meets Feena, Feena calls Sayaka 'Nee-san' when she's calling her 'Sayaka'

momozy 2016-03-07 05:31

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Shouldn't it be "catechin" insteal of "caffeine"?

I'm japanese. I can not hear as "caffeine" here.

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