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2014-01-22 08:34

AE - VN Tools Github Release

Win32 builds | GitHub Repository | User manual | Donate


Sup, folks. I know it's been a long time since I have posted anything here (5 years or so).

Anyway, all those years my little multipurpose tool unsurprisingly continued its development (although not as rapidly as in the first couple of years, as I had plenty of other things to do aside hacking, coding and VN fan-translations).

About a year ago me and one of my maintainer friends decided to finally put AnimED's source code to GitHub repository.

If you still have no idea what's this post is about, see the screenshot in spoiler:

Recently we've added plenty of new code and made significant changes to the old one (many thanks to the users who suggested those improvements in the first place! ^Д^ ) and would like you to give it a test-drive. Some changes are very subtle, but once you'll find them, they may make your life much easier.

In contrast, there were major bugfixes in archiver's parsers. For example, all those 5 years nobody reported any problems with NEXTON'S LC Script Engine archive generator until a user recently decided to actually translate the game with help of our toolkit and, as it turned out, the implementation was lacking the vital 4 byte part of the data structure! D'oh~!! /)_<'

So, you are very welcome to contribute bugfixes, code improvements and report bugs/feature requests.

Note: If you are still using one of our old builds, please consider immediate update. Unlike other software nowadays, it didn't get any slower than the earlier versions, although the support for Windows 98 (with no KernelEx installed) was dropped since 2009 because of unicode functions used for file operations.

2014-07-31 23:13

Good news, everyone.

AE's version has been bumped to

It brings several new archive formats (recent Will, Alcot, etc.) and improvements to the tool itself (now rendered properly under any locale, Japanese included), as well as some helpful functions (extraction-related, mostly). See download link in the head of first post.

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