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swiftnissity 2009-12-08 02:50

XP3 file help
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Using AnimeED I was able to extract the files from 'Kimi no Naka no Palladium' by 'Chat Errant'. The files are originally in .xp3 format. Everything extracts properly but the scenario files, which come up in...well random text really. =/

I attached one as an example, perhaps someone can help me?

2009-12-08 08:05

Hoho, unfortunately, it seems the scripts are encrypted... ^^' AnimED do not support XP3's unpacked data decryption. That's not the fault of unpacker algorithm, since it only extracts the zlib-compressed data and makes no integrity check.

EDIT: Gotcha! It uses floating XOR key. In your sample file, the first 713 bytes xored by 0xAC, then it changes... hmm... it seems that each XP3's internal file chunk is encrypted separately... which means... you need another special unpacker+decrypter, like CRASS.

The recognizable part of the script for reference:

Unregistered 2009-12-08 08:36

Try that one, extract the files in the game folder and run it from there in the cmd.

swiftnissity 2009-12-08 09:19

Tested with the Kikiriki tools and Crass
they both have the exact same results as what I had before =/

If i'm understanding dsp2003 right though, pretty much it needs a special tool to decrypt the file.
Thanks for the help so far :)

kingshriek 2009-12-09 02:29

The "encryption" on that particular file is extremely simple. Bytes 0x0000-0x02C8 are XORed with 0xAC (which dsp2003 already noticed) and the remaining bytes are XORed with 0xDD.

swiftnissity 2009-12-09 03:21

How would I go about removing the XOR encryption? I'm still new at this...

I looked up for programs and all I could find were scripts for Python which I have, but I'm not that good with.
I found online websites that can do it ( I think ), but they can't display Japanese text which makes the end result not viewable.

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