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Aldareon 2004-07-12 21:49

Key Game Compatibility
Windows XP Service Pack 2 is scheduled to be released sometime in August. It might be a little too early to ask this, but does anybody have any ideas on whether the upcoming release will affect the operation of the Key games?

I've been told that the new patch would cause some applications to break depending on how the memory management strategy was implemented, from a security standpoint. Also if the games DO break, would Key be kind enough to release a fix for it?

Wouldn't wanna install the patch if too many of my beloved programs are gonna end up being useless ~_~

unfunf 2004-07-13 07:25

Well I use Windows XP Service Pack 2 RC2 and it has not affected any games I have used, including Kanon / Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien.

Aldareon 2004-07-14 06:13

Cool! I guess the games still work because they don't really deal with much of the windows sensitive stuff .. but then again only time will tell, hmm? ;)

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