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Agilis 2008-07-29 09:20

Welcome to the VN hacking/translation forum
Welcome to the VN hacking/translation forum.

I'm Agi, the hellfire kitty, and I'll be your benevolent dictator, so let me explain what we're doing here.

This forum grew out of the #denpa at thread because there's a need for real time discussion, as well as slower paced debates over time.

The production forum is for discussing primarily these topics:

1. Hacking visual novels (in the tool making sense, not any piracy sense -- data formats, unpackers, etc.)
2. Translating visual novels (from getting advice on a word to abstract debates on style and philosophy)
3. Anything else related to visual novel translation/hacking/production, such as interesting papers/articles, networking to find new staff.
4. Posts regarding languages other than English/Japanese are welcome.
-- However we would appreciate at least an accurate paraphrase of the text in English, like it or not, it is the primary language of discussion here. It would also help if the subject referred to the language. e.g. [Italian] so that it's clear to readers.

Be civil, be on topic, think a minute before you post something. I STRONGLY dislike idiocy and useless noise posts, don't make me start smashing useless posts with Hiyorin's Magical Hammer. "Me too!" posts do not count as being useful.

Posts that mislead people will be dealt with harshly. Be well prepared to back up your statements if you go out on a limb. We expect intelligent conversation, if it's your opinion, qualify it clearly as such. If you're talking about matters of fact, opinions don't count.

Essentially, this board is for "shop talk" for people who work in, or are interested in translation projects. Anything involving all the work that goes on before a project is released will be fine. When you want to announce an actual release, go post that to the general discussion forum so more people can see it.

Kindly keep your game reviews, news, discussion about games you're playing on the general discussion board. I will move things into the general discussion thread as necessary until everyone gets a sense of what goes where.

And as my assistant Clam says, "Pinpuru panpuru roripoppun majikaru majikaru run rara, so~re, nyauun~~~~ "

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