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Unregistered 2010-10-16 21:31

Steins;Gate *.nsb script format
Before, Nitro plus's script files has a plain text type(like html?) I think.
But Steins;Gate's scripts were compiled, so that it's very diffcult to decompile.
I think Steins;Gate's scripts were not Nitro plus's new format but I cannot find this script's specification.
This format looks like XML but it has many script control arguments.
So, It occurs some errors if I edit script files which file size or text size are increase or decrease.

Here are some part of Steins;Gate's script file. -> nsb file. It is trunk of script file. -> map file. I think this file is some omake control file.

If you do know about this script format, please some advice for me.
Thank you.

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