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gala1221 2012-03-01 04:47

Patching Sharin no Kuni Himawari no Shoujo
Hi! I'm a newbie to this patching business and well I just downloaded a game called Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo and I want to patch it with an English patch from TLWiki.

Problem is, I have no idea on how to patch so I need some help regarding it. If any of you are willing to teach me, i'd be more than happy to learn about it.

Unregistered 2012-03-01 05:05

Not really the best of places to say you downloaded the game and then asking for help patching it.

However, considering how easy the patch is to apply, I am surprised how you managed to miss the readme.

gala1221 2012-03-01 05:08

I didn't miss the readme. I totally do not understand it. And I downloaded it from PSPIso and I am using 6.60 PRO-B9 CFW.

If it is easy, then please teach it to me.

Unregistered 2012-03-01 05:31

The patch is only for the original PC version of the game and it does not work anyhow for the PSP version.

gala1221 2012-03-01 05:35

I guess I got the wrong information then. Ima be off looking for the PSP patch. If there are any more help I need, I'll refer to this thread. Thank you!

Unregistered 2012-03-01 05:40

Unfortunately, there is no English patch for the PSP version.

Message 2012-03-01 22:22

Please stop asking for help with pirated software.

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