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Niokun 2012-03-19 13:20

True Tears Engine?
After a very, very long search, I finally got the complete version of True Tears for PC and I'm thinking seriously about doing a complete translation of it. Thing is: I don't know which engine it uses to run, since animED and Crass couldn't extract anything, except some few images.

I know True Tears had a demo translation by Insani dated way back in 2006, so there must be some method to translate it. But nevertheless, I don't know which engine does it run, nor what to use to extract/reinsert scripts...can someone lend me a hand?

d_fallen_god 2012-03-19 18:33

True Tears Engine: Circus Engine(crx)
AnimED doesn't support Circus Engine
and as for Crass it will work as well as Extractdata

Thats all good luck.

here is an info on circus

Niokun 2012-03-19 19:34

Indeed, the .crx files can be extracted with either crass or ExtractData, but all files with this extension are images (background, characters, transparencies and so on). What I really want to find is the script files.

Actually, after searching around a bit, I discovered that the .mes files contains the script, but, needless to say, they are encrypted in their own format and is unsupported to any of the "usual" tools, so I must either create a program that does exactly that (which I don't even know if I can do without a 2-year course of programming) or find one that interpretate it for me and allow me to edit it...and there's where I'm clueless.

d_fallen_god 2012-03-19 20:08

Ok I'll give you a hand...
hand over the mes files
it really not that difficult it the same as D.C.
all you need is to use XOR to get a proper text as stated in the topic
send it to my email.

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