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Ayu 2010-05-17 13:46

ACEN 2010
Who went to Anime Central this year?

I was there, at the end of short leash in the dealers room. Not literally of course, I was working! So, share with me something interesting that I missed out on!

2010-05-18 13:23

Hey Ayu. I was there, and it was an enjoyable con (even though I walked too much, and probably spent too much). Much of my time was used taking photos, browsing the artist alley/dealers room, and seeing the better AMVs in the evening. I didn't spend time/money on cosplay, but I might give that a try soon.

VN-relevant stuff:
- Talked extensively with the Okashi staff. Mentioned the recent original-English-language games I've liked, and the translated games I've enjoyed. They stated that voice work on their indie game Shira Oka is done. It sounded like the game system and writing are either done or almost done. Right now they're still recruiting people to debug the game. And after that is the task of marketing a worksafe, stat-heavy dating simulation for Windows/Mac... They're not sure if they'll use services such as Steam or Direct2Drive.

- I bought To Heart 2 X-Rated (only $75, as opposed to Erogeshop prices) at Hendane. Talked with the staff for a few minutes. I knew that Men at Work 2 was translated, but I couldn't remember if Men at Work 3 contained the previous game, and if so, whether it would work with the translation patch.

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